Material Cataloging (Material Master Data Management)

Our Cataloging Division is unique and hard to find comparison within Indonesia, we sell a comprehensive range of cataloging service which is not just a simple data entry or catalog data mapping and manipulating services like others may do.

In order to produce comprehensive data quality, we use the modern cataloging concept and techniques, by applying business process automation system that integrates the cataloging and encoding rules in one application integrated with the ERP system so as to produce accurate, structured and consistent data.

We are supported by a Cataloging Team with an extensive knowledge in the cataloging practice and techniques using various types of methodology and ERP or EAM systems.

Various Classification Codes (Material Group) :

We are committed to provide a comprehensive Cataloging Service


Overview :

This course is unique program is aimed at assisting to impart basic knowledge of supply cataloging, develop skills and competence on how to develop and maintain a comprehensive material master data into ERP system to support business and operations covering all operational, maintenance and supporting activities.

We have developed a training program with modern cataloging concept to provide the required expertise to build and maintain material master data to be implemented into various ERP/EAM system.

Training Objectives :

  • Provide a detailed level of training in disciplined cataloging principles and techniques.
  • Extend the cataloger skill level using modern cataloging techniques to meet their individual organization’s needs for improving in master data quality.

Supported by our Cataloging Team with years of experiences in
“The Real Cataloging Practice”

Cataloging Outsourcing

Our cataloging outsourcing services to help your company in order to handle day to day cataloguing activities.

To facilitate the conversion of the users request to create or modify Material Master Data into the required structure and standards, and to make sure that the new material should be created according to the methodology and encoding rules or cataloging guidelines.

In order to produce high quality of Material Master Data entered into the ERP/EAM system, the responsibility of recording the data should be assigned to cataloger expert or a people skilled in the aspects of research and application of cataloging rules and disciplines.

Work office locations of outsourcing services: