Material Cataloguing

Material Cataloging (Material Master Data Management)

PT Sinergi Solusi Teknik is a company that is specifically engaged in Cataloging services (Master Data Material and Service) and is a developer of WEB-based cataloging applications that are integrated with the ERP/EAM system used.

PT Sinergi Solusi Teknik provides a comprehensive Clean up Master Data Material and Service, not just simple data entry or mapping and lots of data catalogs to upload into the ERP/EAM system as other companies do. Supported by a team that has extensive experience and knowledge of materials/spare parts in the standardization practice of cataloging.

Produce a Comprehensive Quality Material Master Data

We use modern cataloging concepts and techniques by implementing a business process automation system that integrates cataloging and coding rules in one application that is integrated with the ERP/EAM system so as to produce accurate, structured and consistent.

Various Classifcation Codes :
  • 1. NATO Supply Classification Code
    2. UNSPSC
    3. ECCMA
    4. eCl@ss Standard
    5. MESC Code
    6. KIMAP
    7. Other Classifications

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Integrated Information System (ERP/EAM System)

The use of an integrated information system (ERP/EAM System) has now become a necessity for companies, the goal is to create work efficiency, increase productivity and support business processes to achieve the goals that have been set.

Material cataloging (Material Master Data) is a fundamental part of every ERP/EAM system implementation, especially the Material Management module because it contains information data that is needed by all functional areas of a company (inventory, warehousing, purchasing, accounting, maintenance, etc.), so the format is The Material Master on the ERP/EAM system must be made comprehensively in order to obtain more optimal functions and benefits from the ERP used.

In practice, not a few companies that implement ERP/EAM systems pay attention to the quality of the Material Master Data created. Usually, companies only focus on system preparation, schedule, and implementation, this results in not properly organizing data in the system so that the process of searching for materials through the system cannot run effectively and the company does not get optimal benefits from the ERP/EAM system implemented (garbage in - garbage out).